Timber Craft Readymade door in Pokhara, Kaski.( Gandaki Pradesh)

TImber craft pvt ltd -Pokhara Branch

        Timbercraft , a sole manufacturer of  Readymade skin doors in Nepal continues to spread it's product  to the every nook and corner of our country.The high quality doors with reasonable pricing has helped us to satisfy our costumers needs since 2013 .And we continue to grow with our costumer keeping feedback to our top most  priority.

        Pokhara, the city of lakes is a beautiful place in  Nepal.Keeping the Beautiness Intact,People of Pokhara has given us opportunity to decor many homes in Pokhara for several years.Pokhara has always accepted Timbercraft doors with atmost respect and we are very thankful to the people of pokhara.Demands of Timbercraft doors in Pokhara and it's neighbouring cities has increased exponentially in a year.To meet the demand we Timbercraft pvt. ltd have opened our new dealership in the heart of city, simal Chour(Bazar).Our product (Skin Door) has been tried and beleived by many repured hotels calling Swiss Internatinal Hotel sarowar as a prime example , housing company and many resident of Pokhara

      We beleive in our product. Talking about our product we produce the  Waterproof skin doors.The waterproof feature and it's durability is what makes our doors unique from the existing door from the market.It also makes the costumer to consider keeping it in bathroom and balcony and removes the  complete fear from decaying. Along with the beauty we strongly believe in security and privacy of our costumer. The quality of wood and it's fibre are treated and compressed with such skilled engineers and  high end machines, the door becomes resistant to a strong force and is durable. And a little suprise to you, we are giving you a "10 years" i repeat 10 years replacement warranty,incasee the doors comes defective(with terms and condition included). The skin of door is called Masonite. Masonite skin is the one of the best skin produced by American company Masonite for 100 years.Skilled engineer and the labour with high end machinery and production value has surely increase our efficiency and we truly respect all the factor behind it.

If you are curious to know more about : www.timbercraft.com.np


To add cherry on cake, Timbercraft comes in different size and 8 different design considering your choice.

26x80- Rs 5375
 32x80- Rs 5600
34x80- Rs 5900
 36x80- Rs 6300
 38x80- Rs 6500

  Thank you for beleiving on us, We are more than thrilled to serve you.

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