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Masonite is known worldwide for quality products, exceptional service and commitment to excellence. Over 85 years of dedication to innovation, technical advancements and commitment to international expansion, makes having the Masonite Brand a great value to customers throughout the world.

 The Masonite Brand is the bench mark for quality products and customer service proven by the sustainable longevity presence in the industry and the number of satisfied customers throughout all regions of the world. Each Moulded Door Facing product is:

 ■ produced from 100% environmentally safe - wood bi-products, to the highest quality standard of the industry

■ in the class of High Density Fiberboard (HDF)

 ■ properly manufactured to meet the requirements of the international door manufacturing industry Masonite is not dependent on outside sources for the development of new products. At the Masonite Innovation Center, located in West Chicago, Illinois, Masonite manufactures its own moulded dies sets and press plates to assure quality products that are in prompt response to the changing needs of the markets and customers. To inquire more information on Masonite International and Masonite’s Moulded Door Facing Products please contact the Masonite Office servicing your area or visit our web site at

Environmental responsibility

Masonite has been a leader in Environmental Responsibility from the very beginning. In 1924, William H. Mason’s ground-breaking discovery—that post-industrial wood chips could be reconstituted and used to create building material—became one of the blocks on which Masonite was built. At Masonite we are committed to leaving the planet as we found it.

■ No old growth timber is harvested solely for producing Moulded Door Facings products

 ■ By-product wood chips are a vital ingredient in our Moulded Door Facings

■ Timber used comes from sustainable, managed forests

■ Products are manufactured in environmentally-friendly facilities At Masonite, we believe safety and health are as important as profitability, quality and productivity and are an integral part of any business or operating decision. We are committed to minimizing any potentially adverse impacts of our operations on our employees, the general public and the natural environment. Our goal is to operate in compliance with all environmental regulations and safety standards.