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Timber Craft door

ABOUT Timber Craft  Door .

With an impressive range of high quality timber pro

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1. Q: When was the Company established?
    Ans: Timber Craft Pvt.Ltd was established in 2013.

2. Q: What type of wood do you use

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The Beautiful Panel Door .

टिम्बर क्राफ्टले मनायाे बार्षिकोत्सव, मजदुर र उत्कृष्ट डिलरलाई सम्मा¤

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Timber Craft Door

टिम्बर क्राफ्टले नेपालमै उत्पादन गर्ने गुणस्तरीय ढोकाहरु के बाट, कसरी

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Popular Moulded Skin Door #MADE IN NEPAL

अाधुनिक बन्दै गएकाे हाम्रा नेपाली शहरहरु अमेरिका #America, युराेप #Europe चाईना #China भ

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Essential parameters of Interior doors

The essential parameters of Interior doors are  Styles, colors and finishes  when we have to choose the interior doors of our house, of

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Readymade door Molded skin door

Readymade door(Timber Craft)

Timber Craft pvt.Ltd

"Molded Skin Door around the Nation "

Since Eight years Timber Craft allows you direct access to a supply m

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Timbercraft Laminate Flooring (Parquet)

Timber Craft laminate flooring is great for home and buildings, easy to care for with excellent water resistance. Appearing as natural looking wood and glue-less click installation, it

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Nepal Made Moulded Skin Door (International Standard)

With an impressive range of high quality timber products, Timber Craft has established a strong presence across the country. Established in 2013, the Company has state-of-the-art manufacturing

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Lets choose Timbercraft door

"स्वदेशी बस्तुकाे उपभाेग गराै , आन्तरिक उत्पादनलाई प्राेत्साहन गराै"

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