What Is Panel Door with Glass on it ?

Panel doors

Panel doors, also called stile and rail doors, are built with frame and panel construction.

The main parts are

Stiles – Vertical boards that run the full height of a door and compose its right and left edges.

The hinges are mounted to the fixed side -known as the "hanging stile"- and the handle, lock, bolt or latch are mounted on the swinging side- (known as the "latch stile").

Rails – Horizontal boards at the top, bottom, and optionally in the middle of a door that join the two stiles and split the door into two or more rows of panels. The "top rail" and "bottom rail" are named for their positions. The bottom rail is also known as "kick rail". A middle rail at the height of the bolt is known as the "lock rail", other middle rails are commonly known as "cross rails".

Muntin – Optional vertical members that divide the door into smaller panels.

Panels – Large, wider boards used to fill the space between the stiles, rails, and mullions. The panels typically fit into grooves in the other pieces, and help to keep the door rigid. Panels may be flat, or in raised panel designs. Can be glued in or stay as a floating panel.

Light – a piece of glass used in place of a panel, essentially giving the door a window.

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