Masonite Gold Door skin  | Timber Craft Door In Nepal

Timber craft /Masonite Gold Door skin  Door Nepal= Since -2013

Timber Craft is Using Masonite Golden Door skin- Door Facing .

Learn -Masonite Gold

The Masonite moulded door skin product began its existence in the USA in late 1970’s . Throughout the next 25 years, interior doors manufactured using Moulded door skin facings , in substitution of traditional plywood, grew to over 50% on the entire USA interior door market.

In a similar fashion the tremendous market share growth of Moulded Door then quickly spread throughout Europe. By 2000 the Moulded door product had reached global penetration including Asia, Middle East, and all of the Americas. Today the overall annual usage of Moulded doors is estimated to exceed 65 million door units.

The growth of the Moulded door industry has encouraged newcomers of manufactures of the Moulded door skin products. Many of these new Moulded door skin producers do not produce to the same quality standards and performance properties as that of a Masonite Brand door skin.

These newcomers produce Moulded door skin products that are direct copies of the original design features of the Masonite Brand door skin products. Frankly, once a door is manufactured it is very difficult for any person to know if it is a genuine Masonite Brand Moulded doors skin that was used to assemble the door.

Thus many consumers are unaware of the quality of product they are receiving. If something goes wrong with the door and the consumer is dissatisfied, the parties that suffer the most is the consumer and the Masonite Brand.

Thus, since early 2014 Masonite started work on reengineering its product range to provide revulutionary changes to the Moulded Door Skins users such as-:

1. Addition of Phenolic Resin to our existing glue

Most Asia Pacific Door Manufactures Hot Press Doors unlike West and Phenolic Resin is most suitable for such door manufacturers.

Phenolic provides extra strength, better bond & Superior properties to the door manufactured with Masonite Gold

Due to its inherent Chemical composition Phenolic Resin cures for months even after the door is manufactured thus the quality improves over time.

2. Superior Moisture Resistance: The best performing skins @ 4-Hr boiling test

No disintegration, caliper swell less than 2.5X.

The competition’s products disintegrated to a pulp soon after 15 minutes.

3. Golden Primer

Clear vision distinguishing between Masonite Gold and all other Moulded Door Skins in the market now possible at every stage in the value chain

Special cross linkers in the primer ensure easier and more efficient functioning of the door.

For the first time an aesthetically appealing AS IS finish comes directly from the door manufacturer.

4. High Density Product : Among the highest exceeding 1000 Kg/m3 - “Consistently throughout, and skin to skin”

One important benefits of a high density product is the strong glue bond strength between the skin and door core/frame.

5. Wood Fiber Composition: Each door skin is manufactured from 100% “re-claimed” hardwood residuals.

Environmental friendly, sustainable forest product

Resistance to fungus & mildew

6. The largest door skin production facility located in the Asian Region – Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Production capacity of 10.0 mil door skin

Production facility is solely dedicated to door skin products

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