Masonite Door Skin HDF Waterproof


Product Description

MASONITE GOLD”  HDF  Moulded Door Skins: Exclusively produced by Masonite

The unique quality and performance advantages of MASONITE GOLD  are:   


1-Special Formulated Phenolic Resin binding agent:   Masonite Gold HDF Molded Door skins comply fully  to the requirements established by the Bureau of India Standards  IS 15380:2003.

2) Superior Moisture Resistance.

3) Pass  the severe  criteria of the   

4-Hr of boiling   -  No disintegration, caliper swell less than 2.5X.

5- Resistant to the negative effects of moisture

6- The  rival  products  of  Urea resin base formulas -  disintegrated to a pulp soon after 15 minutes.

7) Meets/exceeds  the industry Standards for wood fiber door skins -  established by the Bureau of India IS 15380:2003

 8) Uniquely Distinguished Product:  Surface primed & sealed in distinctive  shade of   “Golden Yellow”

 9) Differentiation from  inferior  non-conforming rival competitors

11) The golden yellow shade primer is  easy to paint  with any color .  Plus ,  due to  this  yellow  shade being close  in  appearance of  natural   wood ,  it is much  easier to achieve a wood finish opposed  to a white primed product.

12) High Density Product:    Among the highest exceeding 1000 Kg/m3

13) The High density  is  equally distributed   throughout each skins  and  is  consistent among all skin.

14) An  important benefits of a high density door skin product is:   a  superior  glue bond strength between the skin and door core/frame.  

15) Lower density  products  tend to delaminate /separate from the  door’s   core  & perimeter skeleton frame  

16) High density  skins  resist cracking  during and after door construction

17) Wood Fiber Composition:  Each door skin  is manufactured from 100%  “re-claimed”  hardwood residuals.

18) Environmental friendly ,  sustainable forest product  

19) The tropical  hardwood wood  fiber is  a natural  resistance to fungus & mildew,  unlike  skin produced from softwoods such as pine & spruce

20)  The largest door skin production facility located in the Asian Region – Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia

21) Production capacity of   10.0 mil door skin

22) Production facility is  solely dedicated to door skin products

23) Quick access to destinations  throughout the greater Asian region ,  and  full  service  to the  world

24) Without argument,  Masonite is the undisputed global leader in “wood fiber door skin products”. We pride ourselves in satisfying our customers needs & demands, and achieving compliance to  each  individual market industry standards. 

25) Masonite accepts and complies by the requirements established by the Bureau of India Standards IS 15380:2003.

26) Look for the  genuine “ Masonite Gold”  quality moulded door skin products,  identified by its  golden yellow primer.



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