Life Of A Logger (Timber Craft )

These Loggers Got Quite The Surprise From A Hollow Tree

Imagine getting to work on a typical day, after which you end up discovering one of the most incredible things you could think of. Such a phenomenon would undoubtedly be enough to bring variety to a monotonous routine. You may even look forward to work, as you wonder what you’d discover next. Do you think such a thing could happen to a logger? What exciting thing could a logger find that would be so impactful? You are about to find out just how intriguing things can be. Some discoveries create memories that last a lifetime and this one of them.

Life of a Logger

This logger and his team typically get enough logs to get them to their quota on any day. However, a shocking sight while warming up the saws brought everything to a halt.

An Unusual Occurrence

This logger team was from Georgia Kraft Co., and things were flowing as usual until a saw made contact with a particular tree. There was no explanation for what they experienced at the time.

Normal Operations

Loggers tend to get a lot of negative press since they’re known for cutting down beautiful trees. Jasper City in Georgia is an exception, however, since almost every family has some link to the logging industry.

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