History of Masonite /Door Skin /used By Timber Craft Nepal

Renowned researcher and engineer, William H.
Mason, forever changed the way building materials
were used by inventing the world’s first, high-density
wood fiberboard product. Mason’s successful
process of forming wood fibers under extreme heat
and pressure lead to the founding of the Masonite
Corporation in 1925, with its first commercial facility
located in Laurel, Mississippi – USA. Over 85 years of
innovative building products, superior manufacturing
technology and global expansion has made Masonite
a brand widely recognized today throughout the world.
Exceptional products, service and design innovations
that enhance beauty and functionality make Masonite:
In the early 20th century,
The best provider of building
products in the eyes of our
customers and communities
throughout the world
Masonite Nepal Timber Craft Pvt. Ltd 

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