टिम्बर क्राफ्ट ढाेकाकाे बारेमा गहिरिएर अध्यायन गरि जानाै र बुझाै
टिम्बरक्राफ्ट ढाेकाकाे प्रत्येक छेउ कुना ,तल माथि ,बाहिरि र भित्री भागकाे बारेमा जानकार हुनुहाेस याे लगाउने र जाेगाउने बिधि र तरिका जान्नुहाेस टिम्बरक्राफ्ट ढाेका प्रयाेग गर्दा अाफ्ना छाेरा छाेरी हुर्कने र खेल्ने देशकाे हरियाली र बाताबरण लाई जाेगाउन मद्दत कसरी गरिरहनु भएकाे छ जानेर गर्ब गर्नुहाेस ।तपाईले किन्दै गरेकाे ढाेकाकाे बारेमा टिम्बर क्राफ्टले गरेका बाचाहरु राम्ररी बुझेर ढुक्क र अानन्दकाे अनुभब गरी टिम्बरक्राफ्टकाे ढाेका प्रयाेग गर्नुहाेस ।

Three Laminate Floor Repair Kit Must-Haves

As incredibly durable and stain-resistant as laminate flooring is, accidents do happen. For that reason, we recommend that you have handy a laminate-floor repair kit that includes three must-haves: towels, laminate-floor cleaner and micro-fiber mop, and laminate floor repair kit for dents and scratches.

Let’s explore the accidents you might encounter and how our laminate-floor repair kit recommendations can save the day.

Problem: Liquid or water spills on laminate floors

“Topical moisture” is an enemy of any floating-floor system, especially if it isn’t addressed quickly. That’s because liquids, if left standing on your laminate floor for an extended period of time, could seep into the seams of the planks and cause problems later on.

Laminate-Floor Repair Kit Must-Have #1: Towels
Always have a towel (cloth or paper) handy in rooms where these accidents are likely, principally kitchens (see The Kitchen and Laminate Flooring) and bathrooms (see Bathrooms and Laminate Flooring).

You should also consider using glue when you install laminate flooring planks within 5 feet of a water source per Swiss Krono’s recommendation.

Problem: Small scratches and abrasions on laminate floors

While this may sound more like care and maintenance advice, we recommend that laminate-floor cleaner and closed-loop terrycloth or a micro-fiber mop be a part of your standard laminate-floor repair kit. It’s the best way to proactively protect your laminate floor from small scratches and abrasions.

Even with using walk-off mats at exterior entrances, soils and sandy particles (especially if you live near the ocean) will get tracked in. Over time, those gritty particles could dull the brilliant new finish of your laminate floor despite the toughest aluminum-oxide wear layer found on laminate flooring to protect it in high-traffic areas.

Laminate Floor Repair Kit Must-Have #2: Floor Cleaner & Mop
We like this all-in-one Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Cleaning System we purchased at Lowe’s. It includes a 3-oz. squeeze bottle of floor cleaner and an easy-to-assemble swivel-head mop with two microfiber heads. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions that are included.

Problem: Big scratches, dents and chips on laminate floors

Sometimes, accidents will leave behind big scratches, dents and even chips on the laminate floor. That’s when you’ll need a laminate floor repair kit.

We’ve noticed several filler putties are on the market intended to repair gouges or deeper scratches in laminate floors. Be careful here. Some are intended to repair high-pressure laminate floors and may not work well on Swiss Krono laminate floors. Swiss Krono is a direct-pressure laminate (DPL) floor.

Laminate Repair Kit Must-Have #3: Laminate Floor Repair Kit
Check out this handy kit we found: The Precision Components Laminate Floor Repair Kit from Lowe’s. In the kit you’ll get the correct filler putty and a repair pen that will hide annoying chips. Be sure to note the color on the package so you’ll get the best match to your floor’s basic color. When using putty, remember that oil-based putty can leave a haze around a repair, drawing more attention to the spot if the area around the repair is not cleaned. Also, water-based filler putty will shrink as it dries.

We recommend using a plastic putty knife to smooth the filler into the scratch or dent, and acetone to remove any residual haze left on the surface of the floor. Remember always use acetone in a well-ventilated area and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

For damage that can’t be handled easily with a small dab of putty or repair pen or furniture pencil, you may need to replace the entire plank. Non-glued installation will be a lot easier to do plank replacement than replacing a plank that has been glued. In either case, you may want to hire a professional installer to do the work for you.

How to Clean Your Laminate Wood Floors

The day your laminate wood floors are installed is a lot like the day you drive a brand new car off the lot. You find yourself staring at their pristine beauty with bittersweet pride, thinking, “They will never look this perfect again.” But unlike the car, laminate-wood floors are designed to be beautiful and durable, which means you can recapture that “just-installed look” any time by simply cleaning your laminate-wood floors.

It’s actually very easy to clean laminate-wood floors. One of the easiest methods is using the vacuum cleaner. Just make sure to turn your vacuum to the wood-floors setting, and off you go. Another popular method is to use a dry dust mop, like Swiffer®. This, too, is great for quickly removing any dust bunnies or pet-hair tumbleweeds.

Here’s a little tip for you: Several laminate-flooring manufacturers sell laminate-flooring cleaning kits. These kits cost from $20 to $60 and usually contain a dust mop and bottle of cleaning solution. Save yourself the money and skip the kit. Chances are you already own a Swiffer® or something similar. And below, we’ll tell you how to make your own cleaning solution for next to nothing.

If you have the time and inclination, you can go for a more professional cleaning. You’ll need a sponge mop, but a dry dust mop can work in a pinch, too. You can buy a bottle of laminate-floor cleaner from your independent flooring retailer, or prepare a homemade cleaning solution using three parts water to one part vinegar. Just pour the solution into a spray bottle and go.

Remember to always spray the mop head; never spray the floor directly with cleaning solution. (Never spray or pour any liquids directly onto laminate flooring for that matter.) If you’re using a sponge mop, rinse the head every so often with clean water. If you’re using a dry dust mop, be sure to change the cloth a few times, too. After mopping the floor, dry it with a soft cloth or towel to remove any remaining moisture.

And like that, your laminate wood floors are stare-worthy once more. But wait, what is that unsightly blemish over there? Calm down. Even stains can be overcome with a little elbow grease. For juice, wine, or chocolate stains, just dampen a rag with water or some of the leftover homemade cleaning solution (you did save the leftover cleaning solution, right?) and spot clean.

For more gruesome mishaps, like cigarette burns, bits of asphalt, “accidental” crayon marks, or spilled paint, ink or nail polish, simply dampen a rag with rubbing alcohol or nail-polish remover and spot clean. If candle wax or chewing gum gets stuck to the floor, just wait for it to harden and gently scrape it up with a plastic scraper.

With very little effort and some homemade ingenuity, you can keep your laminate wood floors looking new for years and years to come.

General Laminate Flooring Cleaning and Care

Customer SupportTips for Cleaning and Caring for Laminate Floor

  • Never leave any amounts of liquids (water, juices, soft drinks, alcohol, etc.) on the floor for more than the time necessary to clean the spill. Immediately wipe up wet areas from spills, foreign substances or wet shoes.
  • Do not use any cleaning agents containing wax, oil or polish. Leftover residue from these agents can leave a dull film on the floor.
  • Do not use steel wool or scouring powder, as this could scratch the floor.
  • Use either a natural or colorfast doormat outside and inside each entrance to your home to prevent dirt, sand, grit and other substances from being tracked onto the floor.
  • Use wide-bearing, non-staining floor protectors, such as hard plastic or felt pad protectors under chair and table legs.
  • Never use a floor steam cleaner, as this will harm your floor and void your warranty.

How to Enjoy Candles This Holiday Season Without Worrying About a Waxy Mess

Nothing makes a home cozier during the holidays than the appearance and scent of wax candles. While candles should never go unattended, there may be a time when dripping wax may make a mess of things. When that happens, you’ll wish you had laminate wood flooring from American Concepts. That’s because prompt attention will keep your laminate floor looking like new. Just follow these simple steps to clean dripped wax from your laminate floor:

  1. Allow wax to cool completely.
  2. Using a plastic scraper, gently scrape from the floor.
  3. If a small amount of wax remains, slightly dampen a new, clean sponge and microwave it for 30 seconds. Wearing household gloves, sponge over the waxy area to heat and absorb remaining wax.
  4. Clean with laminate floor cleaner as necessary.

These steps also are effective with gum. However, if gum fails to harden completely, put ice in a plastic bag and press the bag on top of the gum. This should harden the gum for more-effective scraping. To remove residual gum, dab a bit of peanut butter on a rag or sponge and work over the affected area. After, clean with laminate floor cleaner.

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